By Shaharzad Akbar

Foreign Affairs, August 30, 2022

By Fawzia Koofi and Asila Wardak

The Guardian, August 25, 2022

By Asila Wardak 



Opinion: Give Afghan girls the promise of a future

By Asila Wardak
Washington Post, March 26, 2022 

Upholding Women's Rights in Afghanistan: An Urgent Moment for UNAMA Renewal

March 15, 2022, View the full recording of the event at the United Nations

First Published in Russian [Here]  

On October 20th, Moscow will host a meeting to discuss the political future of Afghanistan. [Full text]

Respect Women's choices &
freedom as they aren’t properties!
Those who limit women to their outfits are afraid of women’s talents,wisdom & abilities. 1 thing in common between those who want women to cover and or those who don’t let them cover is misogyny & fear of losing power.

“Show your solidarity with me and millions of Afghan girls,” the former captain of the Afghan robotics team Somaya Faruqi said at the Transforming Global Education Summit, referring to the closing of schools for Afghan girls in grades 7-12.

افغانستان را به قهقرا بردند،بیشتر از ۱.۵ m دختر را از تعلیم محروم ساختن، بیشتر از ۲۴ میلیون انسان زیر خط فقر مزمن زندگی دارند،روزانه دها انسان بیگناه را به شهدات میرسانند،هزاران زن از رفتن به کار ممانعت شدند ولی برای طالبان اولویت اینست که مردم به کدام زبان صحبت میکنند.شرمتان باد

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