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Women are standing up for their rights in Afghanistan and they will not be stopped.


The Women’s Forum on Afghanistan is a platform led by Afghan women leaders with support from global women leaders formed to ensure the inclusion of Afghan women in the dialogue and decision-making of the international community on the future of Afghanistan. The Women’s Forum believes that gender equality and women’s empowerment are critical to international peace and security and that women’s rights in Afghanistan – access to education, employment, political participation, resources and freedom of movement – will be a litmus test for the Taliban and the global community.

“We act on the firm belief that diversity nurtures a healthy environment for peace and development across genders, ages, cultures, professions and abilities.”


The Women’s Forum on Afghanistan strives to mainstream a gender perspective and drive inclusive solutions to Afghan social and economic challenges. We are committed to ensure access of Afghan masses to humanitarian assistance as an immediate priority, including sustaining the national education and health systems, We are committed to ensure that humanitarian actors live up to their professed commitments to gender equality in all aspects of their efforts to deliver assistance to the people of Afghanistan, including women as decision-makers, negotiators, project managers and direct recipients.


We envision a just and inclusive Afghanistan where women are equal actors and decision-makers across all arenas – in education, politics, business and society. We strive to remove cultural, social and structural barriers to equality, ensuring that women of all generations, ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds can grow and contribute equally.


Steering committee

Margot Wallström

Margot Wallström (Chair)

Former Foreign Minister of Sweden

Shaharzad Akbar (On leave)

Former Chair of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission

Fawzia Koofi

Former Deputy Speaker of the Afghan Parliament

Habiba Sarabi

Former Afghan Minister for Women’s Affairs, former Governor of Bamyan Province

Fatima Gailani

Former President of the Afghan Red Crescent

Asila Wardak

 Former Director General of UN Affairs in the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Founding Member of Afghan Women’s Network


  • Jessica Neuwirth – Director
  • Jarai Sabally – Deputy Director
  • Lakshmi Anantnarayan – Communications Director
  • Meghan Baxley – Operations Director
  • Ruby Aiyo Gerber – Social Media Coordinator
  • Amanda Sullivan – Membership Outreach.


Navi Pillay

Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Former President of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

Melanne Verveer

Executive Director of the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security, Former US Ambassador for Global Women’s Issues

Kyung-Wha Kang

Former Foreign Minister, South Korea, Former UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, Former UN Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator

Our Strategic

To connect with policy makers and influencers globally to gain their support on the importance of women’s rights in Afghanistan.

To initiate projects and ideas that will empower solidarity for women of Afghanistan and amplify the voices of women from Afghanistan and to provide timely interventions to support health, education, political participation and fundamental rights protection.

The international and national stakeholders, launching calls to action and encouraging decision-makers in private and public sectors to commit to inclusion and equality.
Creating an inclusive social, political and economic environment for the women of Afghanistan to learn, act and rise with due access to equal rights.
We are of the firm belief that diversity nurtures a healthy environment for peace and development across genders, ages, cultures, professions and abilities, that’s why We act.

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